Sexual Abuse Litigation

Greene & Roberts LLP has established a national reputation for its work in litigating sexual abuse claims asserted against employers, schools, churches, and non-profit institutions. In the past seven years, the Firm has defended clients in cases throughout the United States which collectively involved potential exposure in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The Firm's aggressive litigation style, attention to detail and planning, tactical experience, and commitment to thorough, intensive legal research and preparation has enormously benefited the Firm's clients. Our success in getting claims favorably resolved on motion or settling cases on terms benefitting our clients' interests is consistent and speaks for itself.

The Firm's partners have played a critical role in advising national institutions regarding legal issues pertaining to the defense of sexual abuse claims, the application of statute of limitations to stale abuse claims, and legal responses to claims premised upon so-called "recovered memory" or delayed discovery. We have been involved both at the legislative and appellate court levels in dealing with these complex, important issues. The extensive political and governmental experience of our attorneys gives us a decided advantage in understanding the issues and pitfalls of these critical issues, allowing us to understand the dimensions and parameters of both sides of the legal arguments and facilitating a more effective, persuasive response to them.

For nearly a decade, Greene & Roberts LLP is often a law firm of choice to ensure an appropriate resolution when a crisis arises regarding sexual abuse.


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