Greene & Roberts: Your Trusted Partner in Investigations, Audits, and Evaluations

At Greene & Roberts, we understand the critical importance of investigations in today’s complex legal landscape.  Whether you’re compelled by the law or driven by a commitment to ethical conduct, we’re here to provide comprehensive investigative services that empower your organization to determine the facts, and to make informed decisions and uphold your integrity.  

Workplace Crisis Response & Investigations: At Greene & Roberts, we understand the urgency of workplace crises and offer a responsive, proactive approach.  Our team investigates root causes, provides guidance on containment, minimizes harm, and protects your brand and reputation. We customize solutions to ensure impartial fact-finding, regardless of the situation’s scale.  Our investigative process relies on proven techniques, enabling us to meticulously gather detailed facts, analyze relevant data, and provide sound, well-founded conclusions.  We leave no stone unturned, scrutinizing all relevant information to ensure our investigative reports are comprehensive and uphold the highest standards of a good-faith, impartial investigative process.

Audits and Risk Assessment: Preventative audits and risk assessment are an essential service that allows organizations to ensure compliance with its mission, policies and the law.  Audits root out practices, however subtle, that may undermine the values of the organization, expose it to liability or unnecessarily cause challenges that are otherwise avoidable. We audit, examine and evaluate practices, processes, systems, and records to ensure compliance, identify discrepancies, vulnerabilities, and areas where improvements are needed.  

Code of Conduct Programs/Policies: Recognizing the uniqueness of each organization, we collaborate with our clients to review and/or develop tailor-made Code of Conduct programs and support their implementation. These programs exceed compliance, bolster employment relations, enhance company culture and align with industry standards and legal requirements.  Our programs address the unique needs, challenges, and goals of each client, promoting the mission of the organization and fostering a respectful, inclusive, and dignified workplace.

360 Evaluations: A 360 evaluation allows you to gather comprehensive information and insights that often exist beneath the surface and can sabotage or undermine the goals, integrity and reputation of an organization.  360 evaluations solicit feedback from diverse groups of individuals with knowledge of business operations, employment practices and the day-to-day manner in which people function.  This is an exceptional way of obtaining a robust and well-rounded view of the health of an organization overall, or in a more defined or limited environment. We design and administer surveys and questionnaires, analyze the results and provide recommendations for any patterns, concerns, or systemic issues that may require attention or that action be taken.

Training Investigators: Conducting investigations is an art that comes from experience not only in conducting investigations but defending them.  We train investigators on best practices and techniques that are time-tested and designed to get to the truth.