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Business Law

Business Law and Litigation

Greene & Roberts LLP offers its clients broad experience in the full range of transactional and contract issues that face businesses, as well as the litigation of matters, whether ordinary or complex, in state and federal courts in California and throughout the nation. We are first and foremost a litigation practice, and our attorneys are seasoned, veteran litigators with experience in all aspects of trial court litigation – from basic law and motion practice to the trial of complex constitutional cases before juries. But we also utilize that litigation experience, forged in courtrooms throughout California and beyond, in advising clients on day-to-day business issues, agreements, and operations.

Our unique blend of sophisticated legal experience – transactional and litigation-based – permits us to advise our clients on business matters, having the full perspective of potential impacts on every business-related legal decision. Consequently, we provide advice on transactional matters, both routine and complex, with a mind to ensuring the best protection of our clients' legal positions should matters ultimately become involved in litigation, whether that litigation is initiated by our clients or third parties.

With regard to business litigation (as with all our litigation matters), our Firm takes a tough, aggressive approach. Obviously, settlement and cost-effective resolution of claims always remains a critical objective in any litigation matter. But, our many years of combined litigation experience has taught us that an aggressive approach to litigation often positions cases most effectively for settlement or, if settlement is not possible, trial. We place strong emphasis upon careful, thorough legal research and intensive preparation. Whether the matter is going to settlement conference or is set for jury trial, there is no substitute for thoughtful, hard-hitting legal and factual research and rigorous preparation. This is particularly true in cases involving complex constitutional issues or cases of first impression regarding recently-enacted legislation. Thorough research and intensive preparation is the benchmark of our Firm's litigation practice.

We utilize the latest cutting-edge technology to control costs and to optimize the ability to research, prepare and present our cases. In so doing, we can offer our clients the best possible results in the courtroom.