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General Negligence / Tort

General Negligence / Premises Liability / Tort

Greene & Roberts LLP represents companies and individuals in all aspects of general negligence, premises liability, and tort litigation and effectively counsels clients on litigation avoidance. Unlike many firms, our attorneys are true litigators with decades of proven trial experience.  As seasoned trial attorneys, we are able to provide a comprehensive analysis of each matter and develop strategies early on, so as to posture cases with the end in sight.  This minimizes the element of surprise for our clients and allows meaningful and informed decisions to be made before substantial costs are incurred.  This approach helps manage the costs and burden of litigation and provides a tangible mechanism for predicting results.  

We have successfully defended and defeated actions alleging general negligence, premises liability, personal injury, and other tort theories.  We employ strategies designed to address the specific claims alleged in the earliest phases of the case, so as to allow affirmative attacks on legal theories as soon as reasonably possible.  We are relentless in producing results that will demonstrate the impropriety of overinflated claims for damages and defeat such efforts.

We have also continually obtained favorable outcomes for our clients through filing challenges at the pleading stage, prevailing on summary judgment, trying cases to verdict, and positioning cases for settlement when that is in the best interests of the client.  Although we are retained as “defense” counsel, we are never satisfied to simply react or respond. We believe in proactively litigating cases and shaping issues in a way that is beneficial to our clients by means of aggressive attention to detail, a commitment to rigorous and effective legal argument, and a lack of hesitance to fully and actively engage even the most contentious of opponents.  We believe our clients deserve nothing less than our very best, most effective efforts on their behalf.