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Public Law

Public Law

Greene & Roberts LLP's public law practice represents clients in matters relating to public law. The Firm is experienced in handling suits against public bodies, involving constitutional or statutory disputes, and in defending against the claims of private parties and governmental agencies in cases involving the First Amendment and other constitutional law issues, employment and other anti-discrimination laws, and libel and slander claims.

Public law matters involving government entities in which the Firm and its attorneys have been involved include allegations of infringing on Constitutional rights and civil liberties (in the areas of religious freedom, separation of powers doctrine, and property "takings" claims), land use matters, claims arising under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, land use and quiet title actions, and defamation. The Firm has considerable experience in the areas of defamation, privacy, public access, public meetings, Brown Act claims, and public records matters.

Although the Firm does not presently offer lobbying assistance, it counsels a variety of corporate and trade association clients regarding legislative matters, ranging from drafting proposed legislation for clients' lobbyists, developing policy positions and strategies to secure the passage, amendment or defeat of legislative proposals, and preparing clients to communicate effectively with legislators on a wide variety of public policy matters. The Firm regularly prepares bill analyses regarding pending and proposed legislation and drafts legislative reports for trade association, corporate and other clients.

Additionally, the Firm represents a number of clients before state, local and municipal governments. Such representation often constitutes serving as a liaison between the client and local government, facilitating communication between local government and the Firm's clients, and representing clients before local regulatory and administrative agencies and panels.